Tips for Choosing the Right Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is a middleman between people who want to obtain financing on a property and lenders who are willing to fund the mortgage.  The broker is not a lender but has various connections with those who want to finance homeowners’ properties.  As you take on the project of finding the right mortgage broker for your needs, there are several things you need to look for in order to make the right selection.

  • Questions – The mortgage broker should ask detailed questions about your current financial situation.  This is to your benefit since the broker may be able to help you cure some of the issues with your credit before you approach the lender.  It also gives the broker a better idea of which lenders would be appropriate for your purchase.

On your side, you should have your own set of questions.  These would include the fees you would be responsible for, your chances of qualifying for the loan, and the benefits of working with this particular broker.

  • Research – Find out as much about the companies as possible.  Check their websites and look at reviews and complaints.  Check their credentials to be sure they are legitimate.  If they offer references, contact those individuals.  Ask for a list of former clients and contact those people.
  • Lenders – Find out the range of lenders that the broker works with.  This is important because a limited number of lenders means less flexibility in your choices.  A follow-up question would be who they are and whether the lenders are accredited.  A reasonably sized pool of lenders means you will have a better chance of securing a loan that you can live with.
  • Comfort Level – You want to work with a broker that you can trust but also one that you are at ease with.  Look for someone that suits your personality and can explain things in a way that you will understand.  If they can’t, you are risking your financial future.  If the first individual you speak with is not acceptable, see if there is someone else that you can work with.  If it is a small firm, you may not have a choice of an intermediary.
  • Paperwork – There is always paperwork and it may vary by lender.  Discuss the documentation you will probably be asked for and the timeframe in which you will need to produce it.  A good mortgage broker can talk you through the information most lenders need and explain how to submit it. 

A mortgage broker is a great asset when you are buying property.  They take care of much of the legwork and will shop rates on your behalf.  This allows you to compare rates and terms with a single application.  You may find many mortgage brokers locally, but for a more comprehensive choice, expand your range to online brokers.  This gives you more flexibility and still provides the advantage of working with a professional to be preapproved and to secure the best mortgage available.  As you work through the process, check out  There you will find experts who are ready to assist you.