Private Lending

Private Mortgage is a viable option to consider for borrowers facing some difficulties securing a mortgage with a conventional lender. The process to obtain a Private mortgage is definitely easier but the cost of borrowing is generally higher and for that reason it should mainly be considered for a temporary period of time. Private lenders will mostly focus on the quality and location of the property rather than the quality of the borrower to proceed with the transaction. Using a private mortgage could allow the borrower to access equity in his/her property that he/she would not be able to access with a conventional lender. When the equity is use smartly the borrower can benefit greatly but it is important to factor the higher cost of fund.

There are several Private Lenders and it is extremely important to make sure to use a reputable lender. Fees differ from one lender to another so it is a good idea to reach a few lenders and see if one would be more suitable to you. At Easy House Loan we have a good selection of Private Lenders with which we have been working with for several years. Feel free to contact us, we would be happy to answer all your questions.

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Private Lenders we work with:

  • A large pool of individual who invest personal funds into private mortgages
  • MCF Mortgage
  • Cosman Mortgage Capital
  • Hillmount Capital

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