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There are multiple alternatives when you work with us, it is our mission to find you a solution for the lowest mortgage rate* with a tier 1 financial institution.

*Rates start as low as 4.89%. Get a $250.00 Amazon Gift Card when you use our services.

Work With The Best

We can easily assist homeowners and/or homebuyers to secure a mortgage for any of the following situations:

Best and Lowest Rate Solution

  • Verifiable income respecting debt ratios
  • Good Credit (Beacon is 650+)
  • Equity or downpayment
  • 5% for purchase
  • 20% for refinancing

Alternative Solution

  • Lack of solid and verifiable Income
  • Can’t respect Banks/Tier 1 Financial Institutions debt ratios
  • Poor & Bruised Credit

Short term Solution

  • Lack of Income
  • Poor & Bruised Credit
  • Marketable urban and suburban properties

Best Etobicoke Mortgage Rates

Prime rate: 7.20%

Discount: 0.95%

Variable Rate: 6.25% 

Prime minus 0.95%


1 Year: 7.15%

2 Year: 6.32%

3 Year: 5.09%

4 Year: 5.47%

5 Year: 4.79%

10 Year: 6.09%

*conditions apply and rates are subject to change

The next Bank of Canada meeting is June 5th, 2024

Our lowest rate for a variable mortgage is 6.25%. Contact us today to learn how you could get this rate.

Mortgage Calculation

There are a number of variables that come into play when calculating how much you can afford as a mortgage payment. Below is a simple tool you can use to calculate the mortgage payment based on the value of the home, your downpayment, interest rate and amortization (number of years it will take to pay off the mortgage).

Lenders we work with

We Help Secure The Best Mortgage For:

First Time Homebuyers, Refinancing, Construction Costs, Debt Consolidation, Real Estate Investment

Reverse Mortgage

What is a reverse mortgage?

It is a secured loan registered against the borrower’s property. It allows the borrower to covert up to 55% of the property value into tax-free cash, while retaining full ownership of the property.

The qualification is simple, only 4 requirements:

  1. Be a Canadian Resident
  2. Be at least 55 years old
  3. The property needs to be the principal residence
  4. Access up to 55% of the appraised value

What are the main benefits of a reverse mortgage?

  1. You always retain ownership of your home
    • You don’t have to give up the ownership and this allows you to stay in your home
  2. No regular monthly payments
    • You aren’t required to make payments for as long as your home is your primary residence
  3. Tax-free cash flow
    • All funds disbursed through the reverse mortgage are tax-free and don’t affect your OAS or CPP
  4. Easy to qualify
    • The qualification process is simple and straightforward

Some of the most common ways borrowers have used the reverse mortgage:

  • Pay for Health Care
  • Home Renovations & Maintenance
  • Income Supplement
  • Unplanned Expenses
  • Early Inheritance
  • Travel
  • Debt Consolidation

At Easy House Loan we are reverse mortgage certified which means, we have the knowledge and the expertise to guide you through the process. Contact us today to find out how much equity you could unlock from your property.

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We offer Ontario’s best and most current mortgage rates today. The posted mortgage rate is subject to change at any time. So our team of mortgage professionals regularly monitor the rates for you so you can get the lowest mortgage rate possible. Our team can help to secure financing on your residential or commercial property. We help secure a variable rate or fixed rate for blanket mortgages, mortgage refinancing and Home Equity Line of Credit. 

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If you have bad credit, no income, or are looking for a second mortgage or third mortgage for your property, contact one of our Private Mortgage Specialists.

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Interesting Mortgage Facts

Did you know that, in Canada, almost 40% of mortgage holders end up refinancing their mortgage which, in most cases, means paying sizeable penalties. Make sure you read your mortgage document carefully before you sign, to make sure you can live with the penalties. Often, the lowest rate mortgages have the most severe penalties. Not sure about your mortgage? Call or text us at 647-613-3279 to discuss your situation.