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We know that all borrowers are looking for the lowest mortgage rate

While this is certainly our objective, sometimes circumstances can prevent homeowners from qualifying for the lowest mortgage rate with a bank or Tier 1 Financial Institution. There are multiple alternatives and when you work with us – it is our mission to find you a solution that will help you achieve your goal.

We can easily assist homeowners and/or homebuyers to secure a mortgage for any of the following situations:

Best and Lowest Rate

A mortgage with a Bank and/or Tiers Financial institution considering that these elements can be all checked:

  • Income is solid and verifiable to respect the debt ratios
  • Good Credit (Beacon is 650+)
  • Equity or downpayment
    • 5% for purchase
    • 20% for refinancing
  • Marketable urban and suburban properties

Alternative Solution

A mortgage with an Alternative lender considering that no more than one of these elements is missing:

  • Lack of solid and verifiable Income
  • Can’t respect Banks/Tier 1 Financial Institutions debt ratios
  • Poor & Bruised Credit

Short term Solution

A Mortgage with a Private lender considering that Bank and Alternative requirements can’t be respected:

  • Lack of Income
  • Poor & Bruised Credit
  • Marketable urban and suburban properties

Best Etobicoke Mortgage Rates

Prime rate: 7.20%

Discount: 0.95%

Variable Rate: 6.30% 

Prime minus 0.95%


1Yr: 7.24%

2Yr: 6.84%

3Yr: 6.49%

4Yr: 6.24%

5Yr: 5.49%

*conditions applies and rates are subject to change

The next Bank of Canada meeting is October 25th, 2023

Our lowest rate for a variable mortgage is 6.30%. Contact us today to learn how you could get this rate.

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We Help Secure The Best Mortgage For:

First Time Homebuyers, Refinancing, Construction Costs, Debt Consolidation, Real Estate Investment

Mortgage Broker Etobicoke

We offer Ontario’s best and most current mortgage rates today. The posted mortgage rate is subject to change at any time. So our team of mortgage professionals regularly monitor the rates for you so you can get the lowest mortgage rate possible. Our team can help to secure financing on your residential or commercial property. We help secure a variable rate or fixed rate for blanket mortgages, mortgage refinancing and Home Equity Line of Credit. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation and how we can help.

If you have bad credit, no income, or are looking for a second mortgage or third mortgage for your property, contact one of our Private Mortgage Specialists.

Mortgage Calculation

There are a number of variables that come into play when calculating how much you can afford as a mortgage payment. Below is a simple tool you can use to calculate the mortgage payment based on the value of the home, your downpayment, interest rate and amortization (number of years it will take to pay off the mortgage).

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Interesting Mortgage Facts

Did you know that, in Canada, almost 40% of mortgage holders end up refinancing their mortgage which, in most cases, means paying sizeable penalties. Make sure you read your mortgage document carefully before you sign, to make sure you can live with the penalties. Often, the lowest rate mortgages have the most severe penalties. Not sure about your mortgage? Call or text us at 647-613-3279 to discuss your situation.

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